Журавлев, А. Ф.: '"Обмывание копыт" (из ... - jstor

описка вм. бор1, ср.: Бор... спрос на товары; покупка, а также продажа ... пастбище, и коня, первого из табуна, вернувшегося с пастьбы (Bed- narik 1943 ...

Журавлев, А. Ф.: '"Обмывание копыт" (из ... - jstor - Sorodni dokumenti

Журавлев, А. Ф.: '"Обмывание копыт" (из ... - jstor


описка вм. бор1, ср.: Бор... спрос на товары; покупка, а также продажа ... пастбище, и коня, первого из табуна, вернувшегося с пастьбы (Bed- narik 1943 ...

"portrait of the artist as a young dog": dylan's "dubliners" - jstor


'See Annis Pratt, Dylan Thomas' Early Prose: A Study in Creative Mythology (Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1970). 'For example, Derek Stanford, ...

"Come on Home with Me": "42nd Street" and the Gay Male ... - jstor


"Come on Home with Me": 42nd Street and the Gay Male World of the 1930s by Leonard J. Leff. In 1933, when the fairy was the most visible representative of ...

The Bibliographical Concepts of "Issue" and "State" - jstor


Books as Issues and Variant States," PBSA, 41 (1947), 271-92. !7. Page 2. 18 Bibliographical Society of America for recognizing, in ...

"Thaumaturgike" in "Paradise Lost" - jstor


and harmony: proceeding and ascending, (as it were) gradiatim, from things visible, to consider of thinges invisible: from things transitorie, & momen- tanie, to ...

"in my selfe the smart i try": female promiscuity in "astrophil ... - jstor


But truly many of such writings as come under the banner of unresistible love, if I were a mistress, would never persuade me they were in love; so coldly they ...

Архетипы "Нации", "Вожди народов" и "Культура питания":



1,"Москва и Московская область" 2,"Санкт-Петербург" 3,"Центр


103470,"Норман". 103471,"Орлинс". 103472,"Лебанон". 103473,"Сомерсет" ... 111053,"Херви Бэй". 111054,"Варрнамбул". 111055,"Голберн". 111056 ...

ТК "Изомакс" Купи 3 любых рулона пленки "Изоспан" и Получ


1 сен 2019 ... 2100,00. 1890,00. 35. 1100,00. 990,00. Изоспан В FIX. 70. 1450,00. 1305,00. 70. 1480,00. 1332,00. 35. 770,00. 693,00. 70. 1650,00. 1485,00.

The Popular Reception of Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings" - jstor


2 May 2006 ... Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings. LUKE HOWARD. A recent online survey by BBC Radio 4 asked listeners to nominate the saddest piece of ...

Family Secrets and Social Memory in "Les aventures de Tintin" - jstor


lines have to be the Aventures de Tintin et Milou, drawn by Herge over almost half a century and reflecting the crises Europe experienced af- ter 1930 ...

From Good Cheer to "Drive-by Smiling": A Social History of ... - jstor


by the same token, producing a smile, even by mechanically holding a pencil across one's mouth, brings about a feeling of merriment.8 We can work ourselves.

The Prophet is a Fool: On "Waking Early Sunday Morning" - jstor


pursuits. As is evident in "Waking Early Sunday Morning," the political and cultural ambience he confronts as a poet is conceived in terms of religious ... easy linkag with something slig. Union. Dead). Practica one- to five-measu particular grace.

Humanitarian Travels: Ethical Communication in "Lonely Planet" - jstor


For thirty years, the most important advice printed in all Lonely Planet (LP) ... detailing a large donation made to the Burma Relief Centre on the Thailand/Burma.

"Pat Your Foot and Turn the Corner": Amiri Baraka, the Black ... - jstor


"Pat Your Foot and Turn the Corner": Amiri. Baraka, the Black Arts Movement, and the Poetics of a Popular Avant-Garde. James Smethurst is. Assistant Professor ...

the supposed "syndrome of anne boleyn" (goiter and ... - jstor


♢We commonly call the poly dactyl goiter syndrome the syndrome of Anne. Boleyn, because she had it. Her daughter, Queen Elizabeth of England, inherited.

"argicida mercurius" from homer to giraldi and from greek ... - jstor


that Mercur. Seville (the authority ... "dog-killer," but. Luce's read ... Argicida Mercurius by. Ro. The Caraglio/Rosso print of. Mercur engravings of twenty gods and.

The Grotesque Everyman in Günter Grass's "Die Blechtrommel" - jstor


death is a penalty for sin, but it is also. Die Blechtrommel partakes of the imm in the universe, present in the Christi microcosmos of Oskar's character: it i.

Rethinking Bernini's "David": Attitude, Moment and the ... - jstor


Rethinking Bernini's David: Attitude, Moment and the. Location of Goliath. Thomas L Glen, McGill University. Résumé. Depuis d'oeuvre cet ouvrage, sa de ...

Figurar la guerra. Sujeto y estilo en "Os cus de Judas" de ... - jstor


mujer inscr obliga a articular u. En su lectura de la tra señala la importancia ... cus de Judas refleja parcialmente su experiencia como médico en la guerra que ...

henryson's matter of style: "the garmont of gud ladeis" - jstor


9 Nov 2010 ... The Garmont of Gud Ladeis sheds light on this emphasis of Henryson's Fables. In the shorter poem, the figural outer part is treated directly as a ...

Complex Design in "The Empire Strikes Back" - jstor


The Empire Strikes Back , 1980 sequel (directed by Irvin. Kerschner) to Star ... Like A New Hope , Empire (Star Wars episode 5) has been praised in a variety of ...

"devī uvāca", or the theology of the perfect tense - jstor


However, the fact of being out of direct experience (paroksat>a) is, in itself, the same.22. In Abhinavagupta's involute discourse, diverse levels of meaning.

"Plots and Plans": Molly Bloom's Fiction - jstor


Molly bloom has been called a lot of things during the sixty-eight years of Ulysses criticism, but I think of her primarily as a novelist. In fact, I think nearly everyone ...

"The Works of Our People:" Dušan Jurkovič and the Slovak ... - jstor


Dusana Jurkovice , 293 . FIGURE 3. Cemetery in Cicmany, Slovakia. From. Dusan Jurkovic, Práce lidu naseho (Vienna,.

Philippa Gregory's "A Respectable Trade" and David ... - jstor


Telling Untold Stories: Philippa Gregory's. A Respectable Trade and David. Dabydeen's A Harlot's Progress. ELIZABETH KOWALESKI WALLACE. In the fall of ...

"Some Kind of Wonderful": The Creative Legacy of the Brill ... - jstor


"Some Kind of Wonderful": The Creative Legacy of the Brill Building. There is a curious asymmetry surrounding the recognition accorded to the Brill Building ...

Thomas More's "History of Richard III": Genre, Humanism, and ... - jstor


23 Three Books ofPolydore Vergil's English History, ed. Sir Henry Ellis, Camden Society o.s.. 29 (London, 1844), 188 and 189. 24 Interestingly, although Edward ...

"Daddy, I Have Had to Kill You": Plath, Rage, and the Modern ... - jstor


ria, readers will miss her significant perpetuation and renewal of ... that her love for her father was mingled with ... to "like too much," he implies, is to risk killing.

English Money and Irish Land: The "Adventurers" in the ... - jstor


"Adventurers" in the Cromwellian. Settlement of Ireland. Much needs yet to be learned about the Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland. Statistically that event can be ...

"Despoiled Shores": Heiner Müller's Natural History Lessons - jstor


For the Europe of 1992, Heiner MUller has already prepared a drama of no borders. ... work Woman is spirit, nature, womb, Plato's cave, the black hole in space, a prison ... Muiller himself, who masks his personal obsessions in the foreplay of.

1. o Мифы Древней Греции. o Гомер "Илиада", "Одиссея". o ...


o Гомер "Илиада", "Одиссея". o Аристофан "Лягушки". o Эсхил "Прикованный Прометей". o Сказки народов мира. o Сказки русских и зарубежных ...

"О знаке отличия Тюменской области "Почетный наставник""


8 май 2019 ... ... в ходатайстве заведомо ложных сведений в трудовой деятельности кандидата, подлога или фальсификации представленных ...

On the Etymology of the Ethnic Slur "Tschusch" - jstor


16 Jan 1996 ... 8 Cited from Wolf-Beranek 1975: 14, with reference to the region ... The SSKJ and contemporary dictionaries of Austrian German record the.

"whatever charms is alien": john ashbery's everything - jstor


charms is alien" (Name, 50). But unlike the value of the "exotic" foreign thing ... York: Chelsea House, 1985), 198. See also Andrew Ross, The Failure of Modern.

"A Hero... for the Weak": Work, Consumption, and the ... - jstor


Papiroff, With Open Eyes, 32; Interview with Abe Zwerlin and Wife, Irving Howe,. YIVO, Box 1, Folder 4; Isaac M. Rubinow, "The Economic Condition of the ...