download our business & sustainability report 2016 - Fori group

KATJA FORŠTNER. DESIGN & PRINT. MIRSAD BURGIC. EUROGRAF D.O.O. ... Textile Divison. Patricija Korošec. Cable division director. Daliborka Milićevič.

download our business & sustainability report 2016 - Fori group - Sorodni dokumenti

download our business & sustainability report 2016 - Fori group

KATJA FORŠTNER. DESIGN & PRINT. MIRSAD BURGIC. EUROGRAF D.O.O. ... Textile Divison. Patricija Korošec. Cable division director. Daliborka Milićevič.

Sustainability Report HEP Group 2017

3 Oct 2018 ... HEP-Trgovina d.o.o. ... MIPRO Croatian Society ... workshops and other professional gatherings (such as CIGRE, CIRED, MIPRO) as well as ...

sustainability report of the Petrol Group

and digital outlets. · Reduction at source ... Development of retail outlet organisation and ... with the Svilanit company. together with Svilanit and the municipality ...

Sustainability report 2018 PDF - Petrol Group

Sustainable development is the central of the Petrol Group and for which the ... in the municipalities of Luče, Solčava, Mozirje, Gornji Grad and Sodražica.

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bazare i vašare, takmičenja u kuvanju ili pravljenju frizura, sajmove, trke i ... mladi ljudi počinju da pokazuju više inicijative u dobrotvor- nom davanju. ... mladih. Srbije“ 2013/2014. ... već treću godinu se održavaju kratka predavanja o važnosti.

Sustainability Report 2016 - Amazon S3

the service of contactless mobile payment Wave2Pay. Being the largest corporate donor in 2016, Banca. Intesa Beograd has been awarded with a special.

Business report of the Mercator Group and PSM for the period 1-6 ...

30 Jun 2019 ... Retail in non-specialized food retail outlets (G 47.110). Registration ... application started in 2018 with the Svilanit customer loyalty program.

Business report of the Mercator Group and PSM for the period 1–9 ...

11 Nov 2019 ... At the 3rd regular session held on September 25, 2019, the Supervisory Board of the company Poslovni sistem. Mercator d.d. was informed ...

Business Report of the Mercator Group and the company Poslovni ...

Notes to Mercator Group condensed consolidated financial statements . ... approved the implementation of the Mercator Vič project for the purchase of the ...

Download Annual Report - Getinge Group

12 Mar 2020 ... Steris, Telstar, Fedegari, Belimed,. Steelco/Miele, Sartorius. Steris ... Belimed, Tuttenauer ... Ve Tic.Ltd. A.S.. Buyukhanlı Plaza Kucukbakkalkoy.

Podravka Group Business results for 1 - 6 2016 period 1 - ZSE

22 Jul 2016 ... Podravka Group. Business results for 1 - 6 2016 period. 3. Key financial indicators in H1 2016. (in HRK millions). H1 2016. H1 2015 pro-forma.


... transport, and to the continued increase of sustainable materials in all of our shoes. ... During 2017 we continued to offer shoe care pro- ducts including more ...

mercator group medium-term business plan for the period 2013-2016

Mercator Center Novo mesto Bršljin. The center will have a total area of 13,251 square meters while the area of the property on which it is located shall amount ...

Department of Trade, Business and Innovation annual report 2016-17

19 Sep 2017 ... Probuild (NT) Pty Ltd, won the Medium Employer of the Year Award. • Isabel Osuna-Gatty won the ... Lucien McKaige. • Elliana Miles.

Sika Business Year - Annual Report 2019 - Sika Group

18 Feb 2020 ... 2018, Sika was able to build on this success in 2019 and pass the CHF 8 billion level, ... Sika Slovenija d.o.o., Trzin. EUR. 1,029. 100. F G.

Sika Business Year - Annual Report 2017 - Sika Group

31 Dec 2019 ... All Sika Annual Report content is available in German ... Paul Schuler has worked for Sika for some 30 years, ... Sika Slovenija d.o.o., Trzin.

Sika Business Year - Annual Report 2018 - Sika Group

31 Dec 2019 ... All Sika Annual Report content is available in German and English, and can also be ... Sika Slovenija d.o.o., Trzin. EUR. 1,029. 100. F G.

annual report 2016 - Petrol Group

10 Feb 2017 ... Supervisory Board of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana represent that the Annual Report of the Petrol Group ... Notranjska cesta 71, Logatec, Slovenia.

Mercator Group Interim Report 1-6 2016

22 Aug 2016 ... commercial facilities and the relevant land of the former company Lesnina, d.o.o., and ... station Ljubljana–Moste (BTC Letališka) for the construction of a ... refurbished, including: 3 hypermarkets (Ptuj, Rudnik, and Koper, ...

Mercator Group Annual Report for 2016

31 Dec 2016 ... ... (Mercator, Spar, Tuš), other major retail chains (Hofer, Lidl, and Eurospin) ... Pivovarna Laško, Football Association of Slovenia, Football Club ...

annual financial report as at 31 december 2016 - TBS Group ...

31 Dec 2016 ... Activities carried out in 2016, based on the risk catalogue that is ... S.p.A., Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors of Pittarosso S.p.A., ...


We also invested in spare equipment by purchasing accu- mulator batteries and ... reflects the weather conditions and other factors impacting the levels used by ...

Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2018 - Lindab

17 Mar 2019 ... Lindab was established in 1959 in Grevie, Sweden and since then has developed ... Natalija Zupan. R&D and Innovation, Godovic, Slovenia.

2016 nielsen music us mid-year report - Music Business Association

There are 3 albums that have sold over 1 Million units so far this year (Adele/25, Drake/Views and Beyonce/Lemonade), while there was only 1 at this time last ...

annual report 2016 of the vipap group - Vipap Videm Krško

25 Mar 2017 ... 09/0065 and the control plan NK-STS-09/0065. ... 23 employees from the Company and 1 person from the company Radeče papir nova.

Sustainability Report

... at Gorenje I.P.C., d.o.o.. 38 table 9 Water consumption at Gorenje, d.d., location Velenje ... PPD. 49. Gorenje GTI, d.o.o., Beograd, Serbia. 100,00. PPPN. 50.

Sustainability Report - Enka

These rules are valid for all of ENKA's employees including managerial staff at all levels and the top management. Managers in ENKA also have responsibilities.

Nokia SuStaiNability RepoRt

What is Nokia's approach to managing economic, environmental ... Nokia 3310. 2010 ... issues, Deutsche Telekom recognizes Nokia's industry-leading efforts.

Sustainability Report 2017

tional City Park, Kolkajen will be Stockholm Royal Seaports face outwards. ... SKB. Stockholmshem. Svenska Bostäder. Bonava. Erik Wallin. HEBA. Skanska.

Annie's FY2018 Sustainability Report

Building on our longstanding commitment to organic agriculture, we're helping advance regenerative farming practices that build soil health, foster above-ground ...

sustainability report 2018 - BESTSELLER

For example, we plan to invest in low impact and circular materials, supply chain technologies, new business models and renewable energy. BESTSELLER. 11.

sustainability report - Julius Meinl

Julius Meinl is an internationally successful Austrian ... the sustainability of the coffee business of Julius ... 20% of the cargo from the Italian ports was trans-.

ENKA Sustainability Report 2018

22 Jun 2018 ... These rules apply equally to all employees at ENKA and its subsidiaries, including. ENKA's senior management and managers at every level.

Sustainability Report 2018 - Daimler

Through our initiative “The Road to Emission-free Driving” and the reduction targets it sets for our ... OMV, Shell and Total, we are forging ahead with the expansion of the hydro- ... the app makes it possible to purchase and pay for public transport tickets ... as “Give a Smile” give our employees the opportunity to participate in.

Sustainability Report CWS-boco - Amazon S3

The CWS-boco Group is an international leader in the supply of washroom hygiene products, work- wear and textile services. Headquartered in Duisburg,.