Science bloggers' practices relating to audience r - SAGE Journals

With at least 150 million professional and amateur blogs on the Internet, blogging offers a potentially powerful tool for engaging large and diverse audiences ...

Science bloggers' practices relating to audience r - SAGE Journals - Sorodni dokumenti

Science bloggers' practices relating to audience r - SAGE Journals

With at least 150 million professional and amateur blogs on the Internet, blogging offers a potentially powerful tool for engaging large and diverse audiences ...

(AMIS) in Bangladesh - SAGE Journals - SAGE Publications

Article. An agricultural market information service (AMIS) in Bangladesh: evaluating a mobile phone based e-service in a rural context. M. Sirajul Islam and A˚ ke ...

Humanity and Inhumanity - SAGE Journals - SAGE Publications

York / HUMANITY AND INHUMANITY. HUMANITY AND INHUMANITY. Toward a Sociology of the Slaughterhouse. RICHARD YORK. University of Oregon.

A brief history of the GIF (so far) - SAGE Journals - Sage Publications

Steve Wilhite, principal engineer of the GIF, pronounced the acroynm 'jif'. Engineers at. CompuServe are said to have frequently quipped 'Choosy Developers ...

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6 Apr 2007 ... Brain Gym®. Building Stronger Brains or Wishful Thinking? KEITH J. HYATT. ABSTRACT. As part of the accountability movement, schools are.

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Vasja Roblek1, Maja Meško2, and Alojz Krapež3. Abstract. This article is ... sensor systems (Bauer, Patel, & Veira, 2014; Krapež,. 2015). This has led to the ...

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Stanislav Pracek, Nace Pušnik, Gregor Franken and. Barbara Simoncic. Abstract. Yarn unwinding from a package is a key problem in many textile processes, ...

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Elda McCann, Vice Prin. Carver Jr. H. S., 885 E. 45th St. ... LivingJton-Anton W. Perne, Prin. Comm. H. S. ... Thomas G. Desmond, Vice Prin. H. S.. John P. Lozo ...

Sapere Aude - SAGE Journals

Borrowing from the Latin poet Horace, Immanuel Kant framed the European Enlightenment with the motto: Sapere aude ('dare to know') (Kant, 1784).

The Fox News Factor - SAGE Journals

watches cable news networks such as CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News regularly. When compared to the plummeting ratings of nightly network news, why has.

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mouth activity and revisit intentions of Greek summer campers. An online ... Camping experience, Greece, nostalgia intensity, revisit intentions, word of mouth.

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Marko Malovrh (Ljubljana, SLOVENIA). 10.50-11.00 Why We Should Insist on Making Distal Autologous. AV Fistulas. Pierre Bourquelot (Paris, FRANCE).

Masculinity as Masquerade - SAGE Journals

the film's signature moment, Black reassures his protégé, a young boy who has spotted him surreptitiously dressing up, that “it's okay because sometimes a man ...

What makes a helpful grown up? - SAGE Journals

young adults aged between 7 and 20 and build a model of what makes a helpful grown up. It was also possible to discern what makes grown ups unhelpful and ...

Quality indicators for the prevention and ... - SAGE Journals

Davorina Petek e. , Richard Grol c and Martin O. Roland a. aNational Primary Care Research and Development Centre, University of Manchester, Williamson ...


from the SAGE Social Science Collections. All Rights Reserved. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page 10. Page 11. Page 12 ...

'citizen-initiated' campaigning - SAGE Journals

Rachel K Gibson, Institute for Social Change, University of Manchester,. Manchester, M13 9PL, UK. Email: [email protected] Party Politics.

Confusing Categories and Themes - SAGE Journals

6 Jun 2008 ... Despite the fact that categories and themes are different—they are used for different purposes in the research process, are developed from data ...

Research about Magazines Appearing in ... - SAGE Journals

By Peter Gerlach. Research About Magazines. Appearing in Journalism Quarterly. Most people who have had magazine research articles in this journal.

The Land of Milk and Honey - SAGE Journals

[JSOT 87 (2000) 43-57]. THE LAND OF MILK AND HONEY. Etan Levine. Department of Biblical Studies, University of Haifa,. Mount Carmel, Haifa 31905, Israel.

Relevance to the Rescue: Can “Smart Ads ... - SAGE Journals

CAN ”SMART ADS” REDUCE. NEGATIVE. RESPONSE. TO ONLINE AD CLUTTER? By Narn Young Kim and S. Shyam Sundar. Search-engine marketing ...

Oreo, Topdeck and Eminem - SAGE Journals

INTERNATIONAL journal of CULTURAL studies 14(2) hybrid identities known as Oreos and Topdecks, which expose assumptions about race, class and culture.

Analytical formulas of PFD and PFH calculation for ... - SAGE Journals

SIL. If it is the case, the failure rate function should be updated and included to the calculations. The numerical results in Table 3 also demonstrate the ...

Management of Children With Diabetes in the ... - SAGE Journals

individuals for their role in creating this document: Carla Cox, PhD, RD,. LD, CDE, CSSD; Paula Jameson, ARNP, MSN, CDE; and Sharon. Ferguson, RN, CDE.

Trends in Magazine Advertorial Use - SAGE Journals

Trends in Magazine Advertorial Use. Number of advertorials in eight magazines rose greatly in 1980s. ,Magazine advertising supplements, commonly referred to ...

Growing up with Hockey in Canada - SAGE Journals

older). The league was divided into two talent streams: (a) House league teams and (b) Allstar teams. Allstar teams included the top players in the minor hockey.

Do Video Games Kill? - SAGE Journals

person shooter games, Doom galvanized fears that such games would teach kids to kill ... games were coming true. But in the ten years following Doom's release, homicide ... results. Erich Goode and Nachman Ben-Yehuda. Moral Panics: The.

Child Personality in Slovenia and Russia - SAGE Journals

Correspondence regarding this article should be sent to Maja Zupancic at [email protected] JOURNAL OF CROSS-CULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY, Vol. 39 ...

Diagnosis and categorization of acral melanocytic ... - SAGE Journals

... lesions using teledermoscopy. Domenico Piccolo*, H Peter Soyer{, Sergio Chimenti{,. Giuseppe Argenziano§, Igor Bartenjev**, Rainer Hofmann-Wellenhof{,.

Gender and Cartoons from Theaters to Television - SAGE Journals

... bears no grievance to a cross-dressing rabbit's kiss on an unsuspecting hunter.2 From cinema screen to television programming, cartoons' consistent ability.

Fanon's Lacan and the Traumatogenic Child ... - SAGE Journals

citation of Lacan in Black Skin, White Masks (1970 [1952]), juxtaposing this with Lacan's own account of the constitution of individual subjec- tivities via the social ...

Educational approach to transient analysis of ... - SAGE Journals

Marjan Jenko. Abstract. When studying an electric circuit, one can describe the circuit using equations. The equations can be coded into a computer program ...

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Vlasta Meden Klavora gives a moving account of a complex journey through language acquisition and usage, tracing its roots to child- hood. She locates the ...

Book Review: SQ–Spiritual Intelligence, the ... - SAGE Journals

Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall. London: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2000. 324 pages, £16.29. Reviewed by David Midgely. Danah Zohar graduated with a degree ...

Item Response Analysis of Uppercase and ... - SAGE Journals

Data from 1,113 preschoolers from diverse backgrounds on both uppercase and lowercase letter name knowledge were analyzed using Item Response Theory.